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Sleazy Michael

Winner! Male Escort Of The Year 2007 Erotic Awards

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Submitted by John 7th March 2020
Saturday, 07 March 2020

Review No 89: Submitted by John 7th March 2020.

'Sleazy' is something of a misnomer, as Michael a really gentle and kind guy, though the sex can get rough. Waxing was brilliant. I wanted a bloke my own age and if that's your deal go for it. Being active but preferring men not boys it ain't always easy. We played with big toys, exhibitionists, and it was exciting. Tons of gear, I brought some and he wore it readily - great fun. It all lasted much longer than planned and we had a snuggly sleep + cosy chat le matin. Recommended but be sure about what you want, a lovely fella. Cheers guys, Johnny.

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