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Sleazy Michael

Winner! Male Escort Of The Year 2007 Erotic Awards

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UPDATED 9th December 2018

Want a taster of what I get up to in Private?



♥♥♥ Declared with confidence: "It does exactly what it says on the tin"

♥♥♥  1st Timers - All Ages ( 18+ ) – From Nervous/Novice/Virgin to Experienced - Any Sexuality - Gender - Fetish - Fantasy - Size - Disability - Learning Difficulty - Self Confidence or Weight Issues - Without Fear Of Rejection - You Are All Welcome!

♥♥♥  TOTAL DISCRETION ASSURED. Your privacy is MY priority.

♥♥♥  Do YOU seek  a UNIQUE shared experience YOU will never forget - for the RIGHT reasons?

♥♥♥  Are you sexually frustrated with your wife or partner? - Let your fantasy become reality!

♥♥♥  GR8 Kisser, Oral & Foreplay Specialist - Yes I Really Do KISS!

♥♥♥  Versatile in EVERY way I will only offer what YOU seek - from HOTMAN2MANCUMFUNSEX ( I love to MAKE Love! ) right through to full on fetish which includes FF - Both ways - Find another escort that will be fisted - Yes I am UNIQUE 'There Is Only ONE Sleazymichael.'

♥♥♥ Some of the images may give the misleading impression that I have un-protected sex. When I penetrate deep often the base of the condom is not visible - this is 100% safe and risk free.

♥♥♥ My status: HIV Negative & STI Free. I don't offer BB, So please don't ask.

IF you are HIV positive – so long as you respect MY boundaries there will be no issues – unprotected oral, rimming and EXTERNAL cum are OK!


Some clients often make this request and I am more than happy to oblige! I have a very good quality digital camera, which also has a movie mode option.

♥♥♥  Chem & Cig friendly - No issue at all if you wish to bring a supply for your personal use.

However please respect that I don't  take chems.

As a EX smoker I have no issues if you wish to have a ciggy.

♥♥♥  YOU are the customer entering MY UNIQUE shop - It's about what YOU seek. Stay within your comfort zone, or have your boundaries pushed. Curious to try New & Exciting experiences, It's up to YOU!

♥♥♥  AVAILABLE 24/7 for 'IN' calls London SE15 3HQ Nunhead - Zone 2 - Just 14 mins from Victoria - 11 Mins from Elephant & Castle - Free parking option AND OK for OUT calls: London - UK - EUROPE - INTERNATIONAL - Distance and Time is NOT an issue!

♥♥♥   RATES: In/Out 1HR £120, 2HR £200, then £80hr ( Could YOU last 3 hours with me?! )  OUT calls plus at cost travel expenses.

By comparison the majority of London based escorts charge £150 per hour!

Overnight or Daytime Session options £600 = 8hrs then £70hr or £800 = 12hrs of ACTION! Then £60hr 24HRS+ Negotiable.

I also offer a very affordable ‘Sleepover’ option, which has been very popular as this saves some clients hotel costs which in London can be quite pricey.

Sleepover Option: £400 which includes Min 3hrs hours of action then you can double bed share with me ( I always sleep naked ) after the session until the morning.

Be assured I do not clock watch or suddenly take my cock out of your arse or mouth after 60 minutes!

♥♥♥  For a UNIQUE shared experience YOU will never forget for the RIGHT reasons, Do the sensible thing!  Pick up that phone and finger my bubble butt arse numbers! 0790 356 7922 or 0207 732 4509

With-held/Blocked AND Text messages will be ignored.

Privacy Issues will be respected! If they apply when you call please make this clear.

♥♥♥  AWARD WINNER – THIRTEEN YEARS EXPERIENCE – Michael’s speciality? ‘HOTMAN2MANCUMFUNLOVESEX’ – So are you fed up with encounters that fall short of your expectations & mislead on what was offered? – I ALWAYS DELIVER.


In response to repeated requests:

@ Poppers - ORIGINAL formula available ( so much better than the English crap ) at £15 a bottle or 3 for £30 or 5 for £60 - If you seek my pleasure then you can sample during the session. The original formula starts off more subtle, but the effect can last several minutes.

@ Kamagra - Also have 4 pack kamagra £15 or 3 packs for £30 or 5 packs for £60 - I have used them for years and they have LOL never let my 7.5 inch thick juicy precum uncut cock down. You can either take a tablet 1hr before you intend to 'meat' or if you chew ( advise drink something sweet ) it will be effective within 15 minutes. Mail Order Option - msge for details.

If you want extra ORIGINAL formula poppers to take away £15 a bottle - you can't buy these in any shop!

Buy 5 Bottles for £60

P&P 1-2 Bottles 75p

3 - 6 Bottles £1.20

Also available KAMAGRA 4 Pack £15 - I have used them for years - no complaints from my super juicy 7.5 inch thick pre-cum cock!

Buy 5 Packs for £60

P&P 1 to 6 packs 75p

Mail Order Payment Options:

1) Via Paypal - send to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

2) Direct transfer to my Nationwide Account

For more clarifications drop email via This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for more details.

♥♥♥  How about my ‘used’ underwear & socks with ‘adult options’? They can be ‘personalized’ with my  cum &/or water-sports.

I also have quite a selection of Gay Interest Male Erotic Explicit genre items not suitable for Ebay including original photos prints & magazines.

I appreciate that your finances may frustrate your ability to book ANY escort – so for a FRACTION of the cost you can see plenty of me and get real close to my cum stained pants!  My ‘used’ range which is NOT listed on Ebay is quite wide ranging to include: Jocks, Tangas, G Strings, hipster pants, swim-wear, lycra shorts/jammers/wrestling, fetish wear.

You can also have a unique set of EXPLICIT photos which record the process!

Of course you can just have the pants un-treated.

For more details drop email via This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for more details.

♥♥♥ Have YOU been there and got the T Shirt?

♥ 'Sorry I don't kiss' - Your Escort profile makes clear you do kiss - ' I only kiss my boyfriend' ( he obviously gave you a nano-second check - nah I aint kissing this client.

♥ Open door MONEY NOW please - then 15 minutes later it's ALL over.

♥ I did not want to cum that quickly' - Escort purely motivated by £££ on mission to get you out of the door as soon as.

♥ The escort is does not resemble his photos.

♥ How long can this escort claim to be 21yo?

♥ 10 inches really?

♥ If you want me to fuck you are cum that's extra.

♥ 'You have gone five minutes over you will have to pay me another £150.'

♥ Rates 'Ask Me' why? When I go into a shop I don't need to ask for the price!

♥ Did not even offer me a refreshment.

♥ When was this place last cleaned?

♥ I have lost count how many times the escort took calls during our session.

♥That was so mechanical.

♥ Why did I leave with this feeling that the session was all about: 'Look admire don't touch my gym fit body.'

♥ He could not get a hard on!

♥ The escort arrived late and still forty minutes later it was all over and he still charged me £150

♥ Seemed completely bored with me and could not even hold a basic conversation.

♥ I booked this escort and he could not be bothered to turn up and now won't take my calls.

♥ Could not be asked to return my call after leaving a voice message that I wanted to arrange a session.

♥ He failed to deliver on so many levels why does his profile not reflect the REALITY?

If you wish to avoid ANY of the above - your search is now so OVER.

For an encounter you will never forget for the RIGHT reasons, 'There is only ONE Sleazymichael.'


@@@  Always love feedback when my profile is viewed - some make me laugh - some are terrific motivators, this is still my fave: 'Thanks for the mail. It’s amazing how time flies and this summer has vanished faster than a priests cock up a choir boys ass.'

@@@  'Do I need to bring lube and condoms with me' - No!! lol I don't know of any escort that would expect a client to bring such things.

@@@  'The reason I chose your profile was: - I felt you had a care for your work, and understood the complexities of men - that they are not, however much they want to be, simply a body attached to a cock.'@@@  'I had a great 3 hours with you that night and loved every minute especially the helicopter fucks!!!!'

@@@  ‘Thank YOU - I never shot my load so high in the air as I did when I first saw your profile. Maybe I did 30 years ago when I was a teenager, but I guess there's always some man who can make you blow until your head caves in. I needed that. Steve.'

@@@  ‘Good to see a mature guy in good shape. Also reassuring to see that you're not into bb as so many guys seem to be.’

@@@  ‘OMG Michael....I so want to be with you.,I live in Canada and have been looking ( and wanking )at your pics forever. I have to say you are UBER AWESOME.’




♥♥♥  ‘WHAT ARE YOU INTO?’ Unquote! Hang on have I missed something? – YOU are the customer, so tell ME: What would you like to buy from my shop? What do YOU sexually wish to explore?

This drives me nuts! > ‘I HAVE VIEWED YOUR PROFILE & YOU SEEM TOO EXTREME FOR ME’ STOP! STOP! STOP! MAKING – ASSUMPTIONS. For fcuks sake I will only offer what YOU seek – from ‘making love’ – light fetish - to full on extreme – or a combination.

♥♥♥  DON’T MAKE ASSUMPTIONS! ‘If we were to meet, I would be looking for a far more romantic experience than I think you mainly offer. ( I love kissing and cuddling) As much as I adore anal and oral, for me, kissing is THE most erotic thing.’






Recently a client made me feel so good when he kept repeating we are ‘making love’ rather than just ‘having sex’ – and that sum’s up perfectly how I try to make a session.

NOTE: Everything I offer is OPTIONAL! Some clients – more often married prefer NOT to kiss. I will ALWAYS respect your boundaries AND your privacy.


♥♥♥  ‘Love your profile. Are you really that fucking good?’ Well there is only one way to find out! Puzzled by your question, but more than happy to answer, after all I have NOTHING to hide - maybe you have had your fill of encounters with guys that are full of bullshit? - that is so NOT me, I make monumental efforts to be HONEST about what I can deliver, my age, stats& image - if you doubt that I can really be 'that fucking good' check out just some of the over 80 reviews right here via 'diary & client reviews'  - let them speak for themselves - and I don't need to make them up.

♥♥♥  Let this review do the talking! 20th July 2014: ‘I met Michael last night and spent an incredibly sexually intense session that transported me to places I've truly never experienced before. His fucking skills are second to none. He used me as if his cock was a screw driver and my hole was a screw that needed screwing in.....he rotated completely as I was on my knees my ass in the air, hole gaping open and dripping from when he fucked my brains out earlier in the session. I am 50 y old, have been fortunate to have a lot of sex and have truly and sincerely never been fucked and screwed like I was by Michael last night. I'm still feeling the effects as I sit to write this. Michael is also an amazing and passionate kisser. He asked me what distinguishes him as an escort and I replied that he wasn't an escort...this guy is in a complete other category. The session with Michael felt the closest I ever got to feeling like a pig bitch in a xxx rated porn! I am now addicted to that cock and my ass will undoubtedly be begging for it from now on. I'm afraid Michael has ruined any possibility of fully enjoying being topped by anyone else than him!! A Top King!’ (no63)

♥♥♥  ‘My image’ - What you see is an Honest reflection of my ‘colourful’ personality, however from feedback: 1) ‘You don’t appear to take your job seriously’ 2) ‘You come across as over-confident’

I love my job which often makes me smile, sorry if this may put you off. Rest assured you will find some ‘serious’ images.  Of course I take my job seriously & with complete confidence declare that I can deliver ‘fun’ ie hotman2mancumsex Or serious ie CP/roleplay and EVERYTHING in between!


♥♥♥  ‘M8 You are too pricey I can get much cheaper’

Why pay £150>£300 an hr when you can have an Award Winning Escort with 13 years experience for just £100 an hour? If you doubt my word about £300 check out: ( 8 inches, £200: 30 mins, £300: 1hr, £600: dinner date, £1500: o/n £2000: 24hrs + 15% if you pay by card ).

Also Vidal/Tyrone - one profile is obviously not enough when you charge this much - does NOT offer 'cum on face' or 'cum eating' I do!

Rates have increased 50 to 200%+ in the last 5 years, why? I have no idea, you tell me, is the economy now booming again, have YOU suddenly got more money to spend? NO!

 Why settle for less than the best? - OK sure you can find cheaper - why pay £100 when you can settle for £60? - Let me put this another way - years back a client shared this with me: 'I will NEVER book an escort that charges less than £100 - why? Because he will NOT be offering a professional QUALITY service' The majority of London guys now charge from £150 to £200 an hour - one black escort ( with 8 inches & that is me being generous! ) I recently networked for a potential duo booking charges £250 - ( 21st October just been quoted a mind blowing £400 per hour ).

STILL DOUBT ME? Go ahead & book your cheap escort - then when you leave feeling let down, cheated, and mis-informed - YOU have my number.

Sound familiar? ‘YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!’

MY RATES & TRAVEL OPTIONS - Could YOU last Three Hours With Me?
♥♥♥  NO EXTRA CHARGE: COUPLES OR UP TO 3 GUYS!! – You can split the cost – note: The majority of escorts add a supplementary fee.
♥♥♥  RATES: In/Out 1HR £120, 2HR £200, then £80hr OUT calls plus at cost travel expenses.

Note: If you seek the full fisting experience this requires a minimum 2hr booking.

Overnight or Daytime Session options £600 = 8hrs then £70hr or £800 = 12hrs of ACTION! Then £60hr 24HRS+ Negotiable.
Sleepover Option: £400 which includes Min 3hrs hours of action then  you can double bed share with me ( I always sleep naked ) after the session until the morning.

♥♥♥  Dinner/Theatre/Non Sexual Dates, up to 3hrs: £150 then £50hr.

♥♥♥ ‘HOME COUNTIES’ BOOKINGS OUTSIDE OF LONDON NOT AN ISSUE!!! 2hr min booking + at cost travel expenses.

♥♥♥  BOOKINGS BEYOND HOME COUNTIES: Special EXCEPTIONAL rates can be ‘negotiated’ - IF YOU ARE INTERESTED LET’S ‘TALK ABOUT IT’ + at cost travel expenses.

♥♥♥  ‘OUT’ calls to your place – sauna – sex cinema – cruise clubs – ANY part of the UK & International – distance NOT an issue.


ARE YOU? ‘All talk and no trousers’

"Dave keeps promising to give me a great sex session, but bottled out of it. He's all talk and no trousers!"

DEFINED AS: a bloke who talks about having sex, but lacks the balls to do it.

What follows is a perfect REAL example of this definition - yet another guilt ridden ‘frustrated husband’ – My ‘junk’ folder is full of them – 90% that express SERIOUS intentions to seek my pleasure never materialize – that IS the reality.

♥♥♥  ‘I'm a 47yr old str8, long time married (20yrs) normal guy. I'm a truck driver that spends all week away from home, I've had so many fantasies about being with another man..! I haven't been near anybody else except my lovely wife in 20yrs, but I have this fantasy about "playing" with a hard cock..!! All I want to do is stroke a hard cock.. You look AMAZING, I'm only brave doing this because I'm sat at home a bit tipsy & the wife is asleep. Unsure what else to say, I have NO experience at all. You look like a man who has loads of cum & experience. Just wish I could meet someone like you! If you reply ( I did ) I'll most probably SH1T MYSELF. (If only) I could meet someone!’

STOP MAKING EXCUSES! To ‘A bit tipsy’ ( he is pissed ) JFDI – ‘Just Fcuking Do It’ – Pick up your ‘device’ and dial MY number – Is this so difficult? – OK you are married and your wife checks your phone – in contrast to the majority of escorts I understand – WITH-HELD numbers from your phone or ‘workplace’ are OK with me.

‘I Talk the Talk AND Walk the Walk’ What do YOU do?



DOB 1st September 1958 – late starter who came ‘OUT’ in October 2004 – I soon discovered the joy of man2mancumfunhotsex & have never looked back – the rest is history.

My attitude to age? ‘You are only as old as the TWINK you are feeling’ PUN intended!

♥♥♥  STATS: 58yo H6’ W32” ( loves to wear size S body-wear, no baggy boxers! ) CH38” Weight 10.5 stone 67kg Foot 9.5 Build Slim & defined Cock 7.5 inches thick juicy & uncut.

♥♥♥  My attitude to my job as a full time male escort? I have a very liberated ‘high energy’ ( that sounds so gay! ) sex drive - and it is a boner bonus that I am paid.


My home in Buchan Road is just 2 minutes walk from Nunhead Station ( SE15 3HQ ) Zone 2 just 14 mins by train from Victoria ( daytime 09& 39 past the hour usually departing from platform 1,7 or 8 ), 13 mins from Elephant & Castle with connections to Bakerloo & Northern lines. Also served by Thameslink service from St Pancras 27min, via Farringdon 22 min, CityThameslink 18 min, Blackfriars 15 min, Elephant & Castle 11 min, Denmark Hill 5 min, then Nunhead. My address also has un-restricted safe parking.

♥♥♥  I am located in a lovely clean house, my large ( 7.5 inches thick n juicy uncut ) double bedroom the walls adorned with stunning sensual homo-erotica and a private collection of over 3000 gay/bi/trans/str8 porn ( I love! ) which cover EVERY genre from ‘twink – studs – black – oriental – right through to BDSM inc ff & water-sports, and can if you so desire during the session be viewed on my infamous 46 inch flat screen TV - cock and arse close ups look terrific - and larger than life!! – you can regard it as a horny background distraction!

♥♥♥  NEED ‘PREP’ TIME? Note: This will NOT be deducted from the booked session time. If you need to shower and/or douche on arrival that’s OK – I may even rub your back if you wish! There are plenty of towels, bathrobes, slippers available. Tea coffee bottled water always offered & for sessions of two hours or more wine & beer offered. I do my best to make the experience as relaxed & enjoyable as possible – attention to detail for me is so important, and can make ALL the difference.

♥♥♥  Fed up with disappointing encounters, that fall short of your expectations, fail deliver what they promise, lie about age, cock size, often use photos that don't reflect the reality? "It does exactly what it says on the tin" That's ME!


DUO’s !!! – If you want to be really adventurous then why not treat yourself to an amazing combination? I only team up with other ‘like minded’ escorts that also have high standards – do check out my extensive website – duo partners for a terrific selection.

IF you have NEVER tried a duo combo – you are so missing out – for me this is a highlight of my job.

There are a number of reviews that describe the duo experience, do check them out via my website – ‘diary & client reviews’ section.


Review of Billy & Michael

Having previously met Michael for an earlier session , I expressed a wish to experience a duo with someone that Michael knew , he sent me a number of photos from which I choose Billy, a lovely guy from Guinea West Africa.

The day came and I arrived a little nervous, at Michaels Apartment to be greeted by both Michael and Billy, who soon put me at ease, I had already asked Michael to leave Billy and I together for a short time before joining in, and wow what a lovely guy Billy was !! he was smooth bodied, slim and a gorgeous uncut cock winking at me, together with a lovely smiling face and chatted away as if we were old friends, we fondled kissed and played with each other, and he wasted no time in turning me over and entering me. Michael then joined in and soon we were joined together as a threesome, I had expressed a wish also to be blindfolded, so that I had no idea who was doing what to whom, but this was a fake as there was a great deal of difference between the two of them in touch etc. I naturally was given the royal treatment in all areas, until we had all exhausted ourselves, it was a wonderful experience that perhaps we can repeat another time. Neither Michael or Billy were rushing me or clockwatching, I thoroughly recommend to all who seek a duo partnership, both these two, you won’t be disappointed

ANY PREFERENCE ON WHAT I ‘WEAR’ ( usually not for long! )?

 If you have a preference I have  plenty of : Hot figure hugging underwear – Jock Straps – Tangas – Thongs – Speedos – Lycra including jammers, and all in one wrestling style – Sportswear including cycling – Army wear – Ripped ( in all the right places ) jeans – Shorts with easy access to my throbbing 7.5 inch thick uncut juicy pre-cum dripping cock - Fishnet – Rubber – PVC – Latex – Leather.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are ‘average build’ and want to wear ANY of my gear during our shared experience that’s OK with me – I do also have more limited range of gear in other sizes. As a point of reference my stats are: 32” waist ( most of my under-gear is size S ) Chest 38” Foot size 9.5.

For me sharing QUALITY time with YOU is so NOT all about wham bam right get your kit off – SLOWLY peeling off is so much part of the ‘foreplay’ YES FOREPLAY!

WELCOME TO MY UNIQUE COMBO: Regular clients will be quite familiar with my UNIQUE ‘signature’ RED ‘OUT’fit ( I so must feature this in my next photo-shoot! ).


Some clients often make this request and I am more than happy to oblige! I have a very good quality digital camera, which also has a movie mode option.

NOTE: Your privacy is my priority so any images are carefully edited to hide your identity AND would be approved by YOU before any are used within my profiles.


To re-assure you I am HIV Negative & STI free. Please respect that I don’t offer bare back, supply or take ‘chems’ however I have no issue if you wish to bring a supply for your own personal use. If desired I do always have available the best ‘American’ brand poppers which you can use during the session at no extra charge. Although I am now a non smoker, no issues if you need a fag!

IF you are HIV positive – so long as you respect MY boundaries there will be no issues – unprotected oral, rimming and EXTERNAL cum are so OK!


IF any of the above applies, hopefully what follows may offer YOU some re-assurances:

‘My arse needs training, would like to lose my anal virginity but worry you might be a too big for my tight virgin's hole.’

 IF this could be your situation it is so NOT an issue!

Also your fears are unfounded that my 7.5 inch thick uncut juicy cock will be too big - over the years I have had many 'virgins' often with the same concern - every guy is no longer a virgin and left me with a BIG smile.

I don't just 'shove it in' - with ten years experience I am professional and take great care NOT to 'discomfort' any client. Yes I do enjoy 'pushing boundaries' but that is different and ALWAYS insist the client tells me if he feels uncomfortable about ANYTHING - for me all I seek is to give YOU a UNIQUE experience you will never forget - for the RIGHT reasons and leave wanting to cum back. What is the point of wham bam 20 mins all over ££ in my pocket? - I get so many clients that have had a similar experience with other escorts - but I am very proud NOT to be like the 'majority' - there are of course some exceptions but you have to seek them out and read 'between the lines'

‘I am very inexperienced and worry that you will be very disappointed’

I could SCREAM! For fcuks sake this is NOT ‘Britain’s Got The Best Client.’

Your experience status is a TOTAL NON ISSUE – PERIOD.


1 ) ‘Michael is great value. I was nervous before I first met him, but I needn't have worried. He soon put me completely at ease and I haven't looked back since. I have met him on several occasions now and each session has been an exhilarating and very satisfying experience, especially the duo with a delightful young man when we last met. There is always plenty of body contact and he has a lovely slim, smooth body with an all-over tan, a nice inviting cock and arse. His main concern is to ensure that one has an enjoyable sexual time: he does not rush things or watch the clock. It is all very relaxed and fun. His profile shows how versatile he is and I shall be fixing further sessions to dip into his menu of activities. Good on you, Michael.’ (no8)

2) ‘I had an amazing time with Michael last week. I am a bottom who had totally lost my confidence. My hole was very tight to begin with Michael entered me slowly, changing my position several times. Michael then fucked me on my back- making me come which I have not done for a very long time! We then talked for a while with a glass of wine- so unusual for an escort to spend some time treating you as a person. A very erotic experience- I will be back for more. I have seen many escorts in London for years and he is the best by a long way.’  By Tallpaul who describes himself as: Sub bottom, enjoy being dominated and used like a slut. (no58)

 ‘Hi mate. A bit nervous but very interested.’

‘Hija Paul - Your question is the most frequently asked and the most challenging to address. So many are 'a bit nervous' - overcoming your 'nerves' is the reason that at least 75% of potential bookings do NOT materialize - more often the 'client' just does not turn up and this is infuriating for ANY escort - but unfortunately is a predictable hazard of our profession - ALL escorts have my sympathy.

What can I share with you that will help overcome your 'nerves'?

1) There are over 80 reviews shared here via - 'diary & client reviews' please do check them out, quite a few make reference to how they were initially very nervous and how I swept away those nerves.

2) Also check out the three part ‘Drake Blaize Interview with Sleazy Michael’ which you can access via 'links & banners' it is most informative and relevant.


Why not call me for a friendly chat? You so DON’T need to commit to a booking - 0790 356 7922 or 0207 732 4509 – if I don’t answer provided you share with me your contact details then of course I will return your call – I could be with a client ( I won’t answer calls or respond to txt when with clients! ) or on the tube.

1) With-held/Blocked numbers AND texts will be ignored.

2) Existing clients text messages will still be responded to.

3) Privacy Issues will be respected! If they apply when you call please make this clear when you call.

♥♥♥  ‘Actions Speak Louder Than Words’ – ‘I talk the talk AND walk the walk’ – Do YOU?

♥♥♥  For a UNIQUE experience YOU will NEVER forget for the RIGHT reasons there is only ONE ‘Sleazymichael’ & only ONE number to dial


My 3 Part Interview - My Six Hot Home Movies - My Tumblr Escort Blog - Sleazymichael Getting Naked on You Tube! Access To Over 4000 Images Of Me

♥♥♥  For a most informative three part ‘Drake Blaize Interview with Sleazy Michael’ check out via ‘links & banners’ on this website.

 ♥♥♥ Here are details for FREE easy superglide up my smooth bubble butt access to around 60 minutes of hot homo porno movie action in which I feature ( over 135,000 viewings so far ) - 6 movies in total INCLUDING 4 that were BANNED by X Tube ( well I got round that one! ) - It's EASY!

STEP 1: Cut & paste this link

STEP 2: Look right on the home page & locate: CATEGORIES

Then select: Either BDSM or FETISH.

STEP 3: The titles are:

BANNED BY X TUBE!! Just a Massage Part 1 of 3 with Sleazymichael& Mario.

Just a Massage Pt2 & Pt3 with Sleazymichael & Mario.

BANNED BY X TUBE! Gang Bang Pt1 Pt2 Pt3

STEP 4: HEY BIG 7.5 inch thick juicy precum favour - If you enjoy my movies PLEASE Rate PLEASE Comment AND Flag with a thumbs UP!

♥♥♥  For over 3200 HOT PICS of me for FREE!!! It is so EASY:

Cut & paste this link:

This link takes you to my sleazy Michael Adult Work profile – IF you don’t have an account it is FREE to set one up.

When you view my profile the ‘Gallery’ is FREE with access to over 3200 images.

There is also a ‘Private Gallery’ with access to over 3600 hot X rated photos!

These can be all your for LESS than the cost of a pint down your local!

Just £3 for 1 month unlimited access - £6 for 3 months - £15 for 1 year. ‘Credits’ are easy to purchase.

♥♥♥ For access to plenty of HIGH RESOLUTION images of me solo AND in action hit this link: - advise scroll extreme right then down to the 'archive' option - you will then get thumbnail images of my albums - each is ten images.

@@@ Sleazymichael gets NAKED - on You Tube!

Title: David Bowie Lucy Can't Dance The Ivy House Nunhead Michela Transforms to Sleazymichael

@@@ Let's PARTY! Sleazymichael Brighton & Hove Pride 2016 Street Party St James St Shortt's Bar

@@@ Reclaim Brixton Street Disco featuring Sleazymichael 25th April 2015

@@@ Sleazymichael Stop Making Sense 2014 The Garden Tisno Croatia Part 2

'We love you Michael'


This final section shares much more detail on my services, personality and attitude to ‘mutual pleasure.’

WHAT IS ON OFFER? YOU are the customer and here is my shop - YOU choose.


How many escorts have you been with that start with ‘sorry I only kiss my boyfriend’ – OK on the phone he said yes  actually it is NOT OK!


FOREPLAY, including deep sensual kissing, caressing, close body contact, licking, rimming, massage.


RIMMING & deep throat ORAL  - I only ask that you care about your personal hygiene – when I put my tongue DEEP in your arse I don’t want any unexpected surprises – If it helps I do have a decent douche set up, which you can use on arrival or any time during the session and this will not come out of the session time – if you don’t know what douching is – word search IT!


VERSATILE in EVERY WAY! – I can be 100% top, bottom or a combo of both.


CUM – On my face, your face, in my mouth – swallow YES YES YES!


NIPPLE PLAY from gentle tweaking to full on clamps – hey it’s up to you.


TOYS – Have THREE boxes of every shape, size from vibrating to soft rubber right through to the BIG BOY stuff.


VACUUM PUMPS – Quite a selection!


FEET – If you get off on having them sucked – cool.


WATERSPORTS – Oh yeah!!! – give & receive – including swallow all OK with me.


FISTING ( including foot fisting ) – Give AND Receive – please note I am one of the few escorts that does not mind having your hand – right up my arse – and of course I ALWAYS pre-douche , this applies even if you are not going to fuck or fist me – for me it would be so disrespectful not to always be prepared.

Please note: Unlike some escorts my fees are the same whatever you choose from the menu – IF you seek FF then the minimum session time is two hours – it is NOT to be rushed.

Here is a recent review by one of my regular FF clients: ‘Thanks for a superb time on 14th May.

Whilst I showered you were relaxing in your garden and as a sign of how much

of an exhibitionist you are you were rampant erect in a garden chair when I

came out to get you. You wanted to screw me there n then in the garden but

the shy part of me took hold so we moved indoors to your superbly equipped

playroom.  Lots of toys and lube later we were fisting each other - so rare to find an

escort who both gives and takes ff fun so the session was amazing with us

both getting our hungry holes well worked open ! I left well satisfied ( as usual) and am already looking forward to the next session.’


CP – Have quite a range of paddles, canes, CBT, weights & plenty more and items you have not even thought of.


BONDAGE including restraints, masks.

SOUNDS – Good selection.


SHAVING – HOT WAXING, both ways is OK with me!


CROSS DRESSING – IF this rocks your high heels and enjoy dressing up – WELCOME! – I can dress up and show my ‘feminine’ side!


MICHELA DA WHORE: Please check out my recently updated profile via Birch Place:


ROLE PLAY – including ‘safe r*pe’ scenarios.


ELECTRO – I do have a very basic kit – IF you have your own kit advise bring.


PLEASE DON’T WASTE MY TIME if you seek any of the following:



Ask me to send pictures of my cock - are there not enough here already?


VERBAL – sorry but it is so like an American porn movie ‘hey suck my dick!’ – I can do verbal of course but has to cum naturally.


GOB - Swallowing YOUR spit NO!


PHONE SEX – W*BCAM – WANK TEXT – Don’t even go there!

Do you have whatsapp Instagram Skype? - NO! - I don't need to see pictures of your cock. I know what a cock looks like!


POOR PERSONAL HYGEINE – Natural body odours are OK – I love licking armpits so if you have sprayed on half a can of Lynx AAAGH!


LACK OF RESPECT – Don’t treat me like an object.


EXPECT ME TO TAKE CHEMS – You can of course bring for your own use. You are more than welcome to get off your face – but far too many escorts ‘loose control’ when the ‘job’ is merely to fund a ‘chem sex’ lifestyle. I am more than content with my original formula Rush poppers ( which of course I can share with you, bottles to take home at £15 each ) – the occasional ‘smoke’ or infrequent  LEGAL high.


MAKE A BOOKING & DON’T TURN UP!!! – Unless you are 100% sure please don’t waste my precious time setting a session up and the ‘loosing your bottle.’


The catalogue of excuses are like creative sick notes: ‘Sorry I had to walk my neighbours dogs’ – ‘The sat nav does not work’ – ‘My mother has just passed away’ – ‘I have been in an accident’ – ‘Mate you have the wrong number – I never called you ( oh for fucks sake – get real! ) – the best one ‘who is this?’ and there are plenty more.


"It does exactly what it says on the tin" = SLEAZYMICHAEL!


So are you fed up with disappointing encounters - guys that fall way short of your expectations – that so often don’t deliver what they promise – lie about age – cock size – experience – use profile photos that could have been taken ten years ago? How much time have you wasted & how would you rate each encounter out of ten?


Now you may be thinking ‘well is Sleazymichael going to be any different?’ – Well unlike the majority I don’t do bullshit, I don’t lie about my age, cock size, experience, or use images that were taken when I was in puberty.


Often I get enquiries like ‘well exactly what are we going to do?’ Oh please this is not a machine, or rehearsed, it’s a combination of knowing mutual boundaries, instinct, experience and the vibe I’m getting. Every encounter is unique in a positive way. Recently a client made me feel so good when he kept repeating  we are ‘making love’ rather than just ‘having sex’ – and that sums up perfectly how I try to make a session, a very special memory of much more than just SEX. Terrific that so many do actually give me positive feedback about what I share here, giving some the confidence to book. Harking back to the client that felt we were actually making love – well and this is not me being big headed, but I worked damn hard to win that escort award in September 2007, and know that I have got even better – it’s the reaction you get, the look in the eyes I just know the client has been blown away, getting an experience wildly beyond expectations – sometimes I say to myself if only just a few that have passed me by, or had a prejudice about age, or actually meant what they said, they would also be blown away  – well it applies to me ‘never judge a book by its cover’ – The usual reaction is they can’t believe I am 57yo – and that I don’t act my age, well that is the key to what makes me tick – ever since I came out at the age of 46 in Oct 2004 I have had the sexual mentality and creative energy of an 18yo, still in the sweet shop – in my mind I am not 57 – performing a corkscrew fuck into the rear of a stunning Latino escort duo buddy with a client, feet on ceiling hand stand reverse fuck – that is not what you would expect of a guy my age – exactly! – even now I just love the challenge of finding new positions to fuck, and still blow myself and the client away when I exclaim ‘well that’s another first!’ – my passion is for real, I never ever go through the motions or put on an act and YOU will know that trust me.


All I seek is for you to walk away ( lol some struggle & may wobble for a few days ) with a big smile, a feeling that you got damn good value and an experience you will remember – for the right reasons!  Recently a client moaned - well actually many have - that if you want a 'look but don't touch' Adonis 7 days a week gym preened escort - with hello - £150 ( per hour – is now almost standard in London ) please - thank-you - wank you off - 4 tissues & 20 mins later - goodbye 'see you next time' as the extent of your encounter with an escort then fine. However if you want something much more than 'wham bam' three minutes of conversation ( or am I being generous? ) - then shock horror why not try me? Many clients tell me they don't want to just dive straight in - so my cock does not have to do all the talking - I can actually engage in a conversation - followed by the most amazing experience you will never forget - for the RIGHT reasons - and if you love being fucked - then I will perform this in positions you have never seen in ANY porn movie - trust me I know the porn industry I have over 3500 titles! - and if you want to top and learn some new techniques then look no further. I can also perform tricks with sex toys, chains & more recently a lava lamp ( have pics to prove it! ) that have to be seen to be believed! Porn studios eat your arse out! & ditto the fucking positions – and fisting techniques.


All I want is for you to have a very special time with me – and an experience you will remember – for all the right reasons.


If once you have made the booking but still have questions - then please just call me - we can talk things through.  But maybe nervous about even picking up the phone - fear rejection - have privacy issue - Parkinsons disease - wheelchair bound - epileptic - have a speech impediment - maybe married to a man/woman or have a boyfriend but your partner seems unable to satisfy your needs - then ALL YOUR FEARS will be unfounded with me - or any of my superb duo partners!



This may seem an extraordinary thing to ask - well I thought that till recently - well a recent client who has had more than his share of disappointment with escorts not meeting expectations, informed me that I was the first escort to actually kiss - in TWELVE years! - I have been told by clients so many times that when they ask an escort - they often say "yes" then when they arrive it’s the usual: "sorry I only kiss my boyfriend" Well for me kissing is CRUCIAL to what I do - a vital part of that experience called FOREPLAY.



I know from personal experience - seeking out duo partners & from many of my clients that finding a decent escort is like Russian Roulette - the one LIVE bullet is the decent one - and even these odds is pushing it! So does the following sound familiar?   £120 up front for 1hr - pretty boy gets you to shoot your cum as soon as possible - often out the door within 25 minutes - goes through the motions - watches the clock- 'sorry but I got another booking in 40 mins so let’s get a move on' - keeps answering his mobile! - if you want me to cum or anything a bit sleazy, or to be fisted then that is all extra charge - sorry remind me what did you want to do? - stale room - not even a glass of water offered - I was basically a side show while these two escorts fucked each other - the escort in no way offered what I was expecting or what he said he could offer -the escort was for sure on drugs - he does not look like the photo - was it taken 5 years ago - hi I have a disability can I book your services? yeah sure? I am in a wheelchair I have no legs - phone line goes click.   All these are not scenarios they are real - many relayed by clients - and some experienced first -hand when I have been checking out for potential duo partners.   You have my absolute assurance that if you seek my pleasure - none of the above will happen! - it abhors me that any escort can treat a client in this way - all it does is give the genuine decent escorts a bad name - we can so easily be all tarred with the same brush - for me this is the best job in the world & having a high sex drive it is a bonus that I get paid for having man2mancumfunsex!



I came to it relatively late at the age of 46 in December 2004 and have been full time since April 2006 - if only six months before October 2004 you had said I would become an escort & eventually win this very special award - my response would have been FCUK OFF - never in a million years - such is life eh!



Yes! but you really have to seek them out! - as I have such a high sex drive and love group sex so duo partners is one of my great passions - if you book us as a duo ( you can have my duo partners for one big gang bang if you wish! ) then don't worry about being a side show - we fully involve you the customer!   As long as we have mutual respect for each other and I am not treated as some object - that is all I seek.



Open - honest - intelligent - conversational ( I can string more than one sentence together! ) respectful - creative - cheeky - friendly - fun ( why can’t man2mancumsex be fun! sorry I don’t go in for all this serious posy stuff, what the fcuk is that all about? ) - creative - outrageous - and a great line in the letter 'S'!



Have won several strip contests including RUDE BOYS at the legendary Fire and have done some very  explicit performances at HARD ON& other venues - so if you want to hire me for any club/private party or hen night - from a standard erotic strip right through to quite extreme - the choice is yours!  let's talk about what you want.



OK let’s clear this up! - for me the art of seduction & foreplay is KEY to ANY sexual encounter - of course I love all the fetish stuff - but when I get calls with sorry I must be far too vanilla for you - I have to re-assure them that I don’t mind any flavour!! - deep hot man2mancumsex LOVE IT! - light & deep rimming - caressing & exploring the whole body - that includes the feet, so often completely neglected ( if you don’t want your feet touched I won’t! ) I never go straight for the cock but when I do boy will you know it! with time I have developed my own very special deep throat technique! - as to fucking I get a number of clients that either have never been penetrated ( not even by a toy ) - never had sex with a guy - or it’s been ‘years’ - so I am not a wham bamb shove it straight in! - & that applies even if you are experienced - if you enjoy different positions including ones you never thought of - I am your man!



So often asked - besides hot man2mancumsex - doing duos blows me away - it adds so much to the experience - love toys - wearing tight pants during foreplay - and of course fisting!   I often get asked are you top bottom? - well I am truly versatile - in EVERYTHING I do - my belief is that whatever I give I should be able to receive - for example when it comes to fisting - I am very skilled taught by a very close friend a true master fister - so now I have mastered many different techniques & positions - look if you are curious to try fisting but worry about hurting me - DONT WORRY IT WONT HAPPEN - I am a very good teacher.

So you want to try new experiences maybe - are curious - that's really cool! - whatever happens I will not force any client to do anything against their will - but if you wish to join me for an amazing journey – then let me offer you an  experience you will never forget – for all the RIGHT reasons.



CASH  - & the following completed BEFORE you leave my home: PAYPAL – DIRECT INTO MY BANK ACCOUNT


I will only accept a cheque if you are a REGULAR RELIABLE client -  I will take a cheque but you wait SEVEN DAYS for the cheque to clear then you can have my pleasure! - sorry been there got the T shirt.