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Sleazy Michael

Winner! Male Escort Of The Year 2007 Erotic Awards

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Diary & Client Reviews
Submitted by John 26th August 2016
Friday, 26 August 2016


Review No 85: Submitted by John 26th August 2016

My first time with an escort, picked Sleazymichael because of his experience, his adverts and reviews. Met at this address in Nunhead for a 2 hr session. Which was going to incorporate oral both ways anal both ways plenty of body contact and at least one lot of cum. Met him at 1pm, he relaxed me with some idle chitchat an offer of a drink and no pressure to rush. My time started at 1.15 and the session started with mutual kissing (french) nipple stimulation and cock rubbing. this progressed to oral both ways inclusive of 69 rimming both ways which was heavenly - Michael warmed me up and we agreed that he would fuck me, I consider myself top vers and having seen his 7.5 inch thick penis up close I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to take him. He was true to his word re patience for inexperienced guys, I felt him enter me and because he took his time and gently entered me inch by inch I was pleasantly surprised when he told me he was up to his nuts in my arsehole. He started to work himself in and out of my hole still taking his time , first it was sideways on then doggy, then flat on my belly - I could feel him up against my prostate, I was then treated to both his helicopter and hisreverse fuck which takes some doing I can tell you. He remained in me for a good 10 - 15 mins taking his time and getting me used to his girth and length. We spent the best part of two hrs enjoying each other he offerred advice regarding douching and advised that I had done a good job.I really felt full when he was fucking me as I lay on my back with my knees over his shoulders. My cock was not fully co-operative today but I did eventually manage to spend a good 10-15 minutes in the doggy position fucking Michael, and although I lack his size his hole felt good and he was energetic and complimentary regarding my fucking and rimming. We finished each other off by masturbating each other to climax, Michael really is a heavy cummer and made my day by coming in my hand and allowing me to suck his cock whilst still orgasming.
I will definitely look to use his services in the future as and when circumstances allow, I am hopeful that I will get to spend time with him in one of the Sauna's he frequents in the future . Overall money well spent. Thank you Michael, my hole is still glowing from the treatment you provided today.

Submitted by Alan 1st July 2016
Friday, 01 July 2016

Review No 84: Submitted by Alan 1st July 2016


Michael is a lovely man, sexy handsome and charming. I want him to move in. After three bad experiences I was hesitant but he was so exceptional I want him to come back. Stunning in red latex a great kisser and lover.

Submitted by Sleazymichael 12th March 2016
Sunday, 22 May 2016


Review of Tegwyn Killer
Submitted by Sleazymichael, London 12th March 2016

Yes submitted by ME!

Tegwyn "It does exactly what it says on the tin"


Over the years I have had some terrific encounters with escorts, the previous two encounters excluded I am usually a good judge of what makes a decent escort, after all I am in the same profession so I should know ( now you are double taking right? don't worry more later ).

I had to double take, I am 57 this lad is 22, in 1980 age 22 I bought my first house in Canning Town Mayfield Road just one street away from his address! This was so meant to be.

Soon as I arrived this stunning lad made me feel welcome, and offered me a beer which I accepted.

I loved his jack the lad scally boy style, intelligent, with great humour and decent music.

Tegwyn ticked ALL my boxes as a client, no bullshit on what he offered, stunning, fit, and did not just strip off right away, thank fuck he understands the concept of foreplay and being able to have a conversation, and love the Welsh accent - I had so much confidence that I had pre-booked for two hours.

OMG what a cock! boy does he know how to fuck, I was so happy, and declared 'if this is gay heaven' The lad has such energy and it is so clear that he is NOT doing this just for the money - I know from BOTH sides when an escort is going through the motions. Tegwyn is the REAL DEAL and has no idea how brilliant he is.

Loved the ambience of the flat, all the action happened in the main room, the huge leather sofa's were ideal - and for me more fun than on a bed.

Also his profile is a very honest truthful reflection of his personality. I love the mischievous scally lad rough diamond look. The photos are quite diverse and show different aspects of this lad really well, he really stands out from the crowd.

It got better.

He also also that well known brand declares: "It does exactly what it says on the tin"

At the end of the session devious Sleazymichael declared 'OK here is my business card, I am also a male escort, and wanted to feel if we connected sexually so would you be interested in working with me in the future when a client seeks me with another escort?' I just loved his positive reaction. Yes Tegwyn is now one of my escort duo partners.

'There is only ONE Sleazymichael' is not an idle statement, not on just what I offer as a full time male escort, furthermore that I am also prepared to be honest in admitting 1) I book escorts 2) Do not hide my identity, which don't you agree is quite off the scale?

Just weeks later a client requested a duo session - me with another escort - well.....

The client had booked weeks in advance then total silence ( to other escorts this will have an all too familiar resonance ). Tegwyn arrived expecting the client to be with me - 'Well I got you here under false pretences, the client went silent on me, now I should have warned you in advance, then thought when I booked you the first time you were off the scale, so fuck it I am your client again.'

Two hours of off the scale man2mancumfunsex and plenty of beers followed.

I just loved riding his awesome thick cock, but of course I got fucked in quite a few positions on the bed and then using the sling again got fucked senseless but ALSO Tegwn fisted me almost two thirds to the elbow. From personal experience as a Master Fister I can assure anyone that this lad sure knows how to fist.

As a full time award winning male escort with eleven years experience and over eighty reviews I can assure you as a CLIENT that Tegwn is one of the best male escorts - trust me.

For more about this lad see THIS website 'Escort Duo Partners'




Submitted by Kevin 13th April 2016
Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Review No 83: Submitted by Kevin 13th April 2016

Sleazy Michael well what can I  say? inviting warm fantastic dresser horny masculine gives you what you need, wished I could have spent more time with him because I would have been satisfied again and again and my man pussy was aching for more a good toe sucker that's what I like.  A good size cock yes, very satisfied and would ride him again and again thanks Michael. Oh and he makes a great cuppa.



Submitted by Maurice 8th March 2016
Tuesday, 08 March 2016



Review No 82: Submitted by Maurice  8th March 2016


I have long experience of lovers and escorts but Michael is by far the best. And he is a nice person.

Unusually for an escort he really likes sex and is very patient, certainly not a clock watcher. Unlike most escorts, he allows deep kisses and intimate caresses


His bedroom is very well equipped - sling, fantastic videos and a wide selection of instruments, all available if his lover wants.


Michael asked me what I wanted and was I experienced. I told him I am a submissive bottom but wanted a gentle experience with no pain. after a little time his expert caresses convinced me that he did not need to be all that gentle and that I wanted to fully excite the submissive side of my nature.


Michael began by slowly undressing so that I could see his wonderful body and stiff penis. He then un dressed me, worked on my nipples and lay on me, wriggling against my penis until I could not stop my legs opening. He changed position and allowed me to suck and tongue his bronze hole, He then put me in his sling so that my hole was totally exposed to his hands and penis.


He then offered to ejaculate in my mouth, which by then I very much wanted. His sperm tastes really nice.


Michael offered WS which I accepted. He then took me to his shower, where he cleaned me and dried me.


Thank you Maurice.



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