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Sleazy Michael

Winner! Male Escort Of The Year 2007 Erotic Awards

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Submitted by Adrian 20th Aug 2012
Monday, 20 August 2012


Review No 48

Submitted by Adrian from Royston 20th Aug 2012

The session with Michael was an unforgettable night of firsts. We chatted for quite a while and to be honest I began to think we were never going to play ... but Michael had skilfully allowed me to relax and feel completely at ease with him (a first on meeting a new escort). When we did start to play, every unpredictable move was a thrill. Michael always seemed to know what I wanted before I realised it myself. It would be tedious to list our activities, but there were so many new experiences that I shall definitely return for more fun with Michael: he really seems to enjoy his work.

Two things particularly stand out in my memory. They say, "No pain no gain," but Michael's sensitive hands stretched my arse limits beyond what I dreamed possible, and there was only overwhelming pleasure. Secondly, Michael was incredibly generous with his time: more than double the time we had agreed, and even then I'm sure I could have stayed longer.

Another first is Michael's Loyalty card scheme, which makes his rates amazingly reasonable.


Submitted by Gregory 15th July 2012
Sunday, 15 July 2012



Submitted by Gregory 15th July 2012


Where do I start! Michael was prompt friendly and it was like meeting an old friend from the start.

When it came to the sex he knew what I wanted better than I did!

He fulfilled my wildest dramas and went beyond them!

If you are up for a great time, excellent company and the fuck of your life then Michael is your man!
Submitted by David 2nd May 2011
Monday, 02 May 2011


Loyalty Bonus with SleazyMichael


Yesterday I had my ‘loyalty bonus’ session with Sleazy Michael. “Who’s Sleazy Michael?”, I hear you say, “and what’s a loyalty bonus session?” Well Sleazy Michael is a very exciting and sexy and fun mature gay London sex-worker (07903 567922). I first made contact a couple of months ago, having found his ad in GT. He put me at ease straight away on the phone, and he proved to be exactly what I’d hoped for – someone who said what he would do, and did it!



He has this ‘loyalty bonus scheme’ – the first time he visits you he gives you his professional card, and puts his signature on it. He even offers to retain the card, to save you any possible embarrassment with your partner/wife/boy friend. Each time he visits he puts another signature on the card and, when you’ve collected four signatures, you get a bonus free visit – which is just as good, if not better, than the previous ones. I had got into the way of booking just an hour – which is long enough for me, and suits my budget – but he does two-hours and overnights and anything else you fancy. The lovely thing is that an hour session invariably seems to last considerably longer! Today he arrived with a lovely bunch of flowers! He had had to ‘stand me up’ on a previous day because of clashing commitments, and the flowers were by way of an apology!



While I am speaking about sex-workers, why does society and ‘The Law’ vilify them so? Why do we pretend that they are immoral and disrespectable? If I want something done to my teeth, I go to a dentist; if I want something done with my muscles or joints, I go to an osteopath or a masseur; if I want something done to my hair I go to a hairdresser; and if I want something done to my genitals I go to a sex-worker. I know there are some who do a poor job, short-changing their clients, getting in and out without ‘giving’ very much. But if they were more respected there would be more reward for the good ones to become better, more skilled and more reliable. It’s time we had a re-think on this.



Last word: try SleazyMichael. He’ll restore your faith in good, reliable, healthy male sex-workers!


Submitted by David 16th Feb 2011
Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Submitted by David 16th Feb 2011

I’ve only used male escorts a few times in my long life, and I thumbed through the pages in GT for days, wondering whether any would be tolerant of my age and of my recent inexperience.  Eventually I plucked up courage to phone Sleazy Michael.  I expected a sharp and cynical voice, but was greeted with a warm and friendly response.  I enquired whether my age was acceptable and was reassured with a caring, “I don’t mind if you’re 104 and in a wheelchair”.  Fearing also that it might be beyond my means, I asked the price - and it was quoted in one hour, two hour and three hour sessions, and at rates which were in line with professional fees in any other skilled trade or profession.  Within minutes on the phone Sleazy Michael had become like a trusted friend – I knew that what he said was what he did.  And it was all done with humour;  I don’t remember what we laughed about, but we certainly laughed.
At the allotted time, punctual to the moment, he rang the bell – and there he was, smiling, quirky and full of life.  He came in and dumped his big bag – full of the tools of the trade, I later discovered – and wrapped me in his arms with a lovely welcome kiss.  I was bowled over with the immediate vitality and sensuality of the man.  He surprised me by saying ‘yes’ to the offer of a cup of coffee, but whether the clothes were off or the coffee was drunk first, I lost all recollection, as cocks and crutches and ballsacks and nipples and mouths and arseholes filled my world.  I don’t know who did what to which, and how many times.  I think I remember being asked, “Do you ever get fucked?”, to which I demurely said, “I haven’t been fucked for fifteen years.”  I thought that meant, “It’s not a possibility.”  But Michael immediately saw it as part of his mission.  How it came about I have no recollection, but he was on me and in me – and right to the hilt!  I felt movement inside me that exploded with waves of exultation.  I felt him clambering about – he told me later it was his party-piece – the ‘helicopter fuck’ – he had turned through 360 degrees, thrusting deep at every angle!  No wonder I finally had to beg him to give me a rest.
I had booked a two hour session but, while Michael was full of further possibilities, I needed to retreat into passivity.  He seemed endlessly full of sensuous ploys to caress and stimulate.  It seemed to develop a magical dream-like quality.
I thought ‘two hours’ would mean out and hailing a taxi long before the actual two hours was up.  Not a bit of it.  Well after ‘time was up’ Michael was extolling the merits of his new ‘loyalty card’ – a handsome, sleazy, laughing picture of him with details of his business, his website and his awards.  You collect his signature on the loyalty card each time you have a session, and with several signatures you get a reduction in the fee – very ‘up to the minute’!
The thing about Sleazy Michael is that one session could never be enough.  Although the session I had was non-stop excitement and bliss, there are things (I think) we didn’t do, which I really want to do with him. …. So, there has to be another session – and maybe another, and another ….
If you’re thinking of trying to find someone then you couldn’t do better than to choose Sleazymichael.  He is the most skilled, the most professional, the most sleazy and the most fun of all.  Go on!  Have a go!

Submitted by Stanley 25th Jan 2011
Thursday, 03 February 2011


Submitted  by Stanley 25.01.11

Following on from some bad experiences with escorts (preening prima donnas, good looking ‘nowts’ and no shows) I was somewhat reluctant to book anyone.  That was until, by chance, that I found Michaels web site. The more I read the more I thought, ‘this guy could be different’ and how right I was!

I spoke to Michael a couple of weeks before my trip to London, and as we chatted I definitely felt that this time I was not going to be disappointed.  I arranged for Michael to come to my hotel room, and from the moment I opened the door I knew I had made the right decision.  I was somewhat nervous but Michael certainly put me at ease and made me the centre of attention, and at no time did I feel rushed.  He was very attentive from start to finish, and what a pleasant change to have a conversation, as opposed to ‘hurry up’ or ‘the clock is ticking’!

Michael is insatiable, and certainly knows his stuff!  O.M.G – unbelievable is certainly one word that springs to mind when I think of Michael!  It is without doubt one of the best nights I have ever had. 

I can’t speak highly enough of Michael and would not hesitate to recommend him.  I can’t wait for my next trip to London!!

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