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Sleazy Michael

Winner! Male Escort Of The Year 2007 Erotic Awards

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Submitted by Bill 1st March 2013
Friday, 01 March 2013



Submitted by Bill 1st March 2013 – Featuring 18yo hot duo Bryan!

I recently enjoyed a hotter than hot duo with Bryan and one of his duo partners, Sleazy Michael. Michael is a larger than life character and Bryan is only a young lad but that didn't matter. Bryan might be quiet but he sure ain't shy and as can be seen from his excellent website, he is  level headed  and knows his own mind.


I think Bryan says he likes oral best- certainly when Michael slipped out of the room at the beginning of our session, Bryan and I started slurping on each cocks within seconds. When Michael whipped out a camera to take a few pictures, we slurped all the more hungrily!


Bryan has a great cock to look at - and he knows what to do with it .And I mean that in a nuanced way- I am not an easy guy to fuck and Bryan's cock is not small so he went easy and carefully and made sure I enjoyed the experience. How did this guy become so properly experienced at such a young age?!


We had a hot two hours- on the bed, on the floor, in a sling- all with some great porn providing inspiration on a wide screen behind us. We strayed into some kinky stuff  with which Bryan was completely cool with but good old fashioned fucking and sucking is what he does best.  And this boy is only 18.... fucking hell!


Hope this works for your site mate

See ya soon I hope

Bill xx

Submitted by Jim 16th Feb 2013
Friday, 01 March 2013

REVIEW No52:By Jim from London 16th Feb 2013


I was not intending to use a male escort, but I was browsing Gaydar which has singularly been unsuccessful for me, I did look at the escorts but thought nothing more of it, until the next time I went online there was an enticing ice breaker message from Michael. Well it’s been a long time since I had been fucked and mu curiosity was aroused, and not just curiosity.  

After some mail toing and froing,I decided to make an appointment. Its not like I am inexperienced, I’ve done cinemas and saunas but never been treated like the slut I want to be. Yes that was my fantasy a bit of sleaze and being a slut. - I arrived at Michaels and after the necessary ablutions, I waited for him in his room.  

Part of my fantasy of being a slut was to wear stockings, singlet and thong. When Michael entered the room I was the slut I wanted to be. To make it real I had also asked Michael to take some pics and I have a collection now from lying on the bed, to sucking and being fucked, to being restrained spread-eagled on the bed. - It’s a long time since I have been fucked, but Michael made up for it, I loved his cock stuffing my mouth but even more thrusting deep and hard up my arse …. I don’t know when I got as hard as I got with Michael or cum as much as I did.  

This time was eye opening (As well as mouth and arse) bringing new experiences and I am sure that Michael will expand my experience as I visit again in the future. I am hoping to learn to be fisted, but not sure of that’s the next visit or not … I have a birthday coming up soon so maybe that could be a present to myself.

Submitted by Sebastian 9th November 2012
Saturday, 05 January 2013


Submitted by Sebastian 9th Nov 2012

My visit with Michael has been literally a transformative one. 

I am 30 years old, a gay ftm / transguy, on hormones but pre-op. My visit was my first time being sexually intimate with anyone -- when I was younger and before coming out, my body image issues were severe and I couldn't conceive of having sex with anyone. After coming out and beginning transitioning, I slowly got to the point of being ready to be intimate, but was very unsure of where to begin. I was worried gay guys would be turned off by my very inadequate body -- with its currently still very female private parts. I was worried they'd turn me away for being a virgin at this age, and for not being quite as fit as so many other gay guys.

I felt like I had very little to offer. My confidence was at an all-time low, I felt like I would never measure up. 
A friend suggested I should hire an escort for my first time to let a professional walk me through it, and it seemed like a good idea. After some google searches I found Michael and was immediately interested based on his policy to accept clients from all walks of life, including transpeople like me. So figuring that you only live once, I  booked myself in. 

I overestimated railway speeds, showing up a bit too late but to a friendly face. We talked for at least half an hour which helped me relax and become less nervous. He was endlessly sympathetic and a great listener and put me at ease. After a while we started kissing and one thing eased into another. To list everything that we did (and if you've seen Michael's other reviews you know he does everything and he does it absolutely mind-blowingly well) would be missing the point; the point is that I felt all along that Michael was treating me as the man I feel I am,  like Michael was enjoying what I was doing, like I had something to give and that I was desireable. It felt like the gay sex I had long craved and fantasized about, it felt absolutely right and I loved every minute. I felt so secure in myself and my identity. 

So -- now I feel absolutely reborn and confident. My identity and my belief in myself feel cemented and whole. I feel less self-conscious, more complete. We even stayed in touch after and he's helping me find my footing in the London LGBT scene (which I am new to). Few people have known me for so short a time and have been so giving to me. 

If you're a transperson in a similar position, do not hesitate to call Michael. He is beyond accommodating and so very kind and genuine, he is sensual and attractive and sex with him is just outstanding and unbelievably hot. 

Submitted by Bill 15th October 2012
Thursday, 18 October 2012

THE BIG 50!!! Submitted by Bill 15th October 2012
Fun with Sleazy Michael in 2012

Having been rather abruptly introduced to water sports in a sauna by Michael in late 2011- much to my surprise but definitely to my delight, I thought it was time to explore some rather kinkier, er sleazy even, stuff with Michael in the New Year. So I booked a session just after his triumphant acquittal on obscenity charges ( saying let’s go for it- you choose what stuff we do and I think I am up for most of the stuff you say you do on your site....

I was a bit late turning up to Michael's house... a mistake.... or not? He frogmarched me up the stairs blindfolded, tore off my clothes,tied my hands behind my back. Then followed a volley of abuse, a bit of a spanking, my cock assaulted in various ways, what I later discovered was a pinwheel applied to my body ( particularly liked that) and my ass rapidly fucked. Later on, Michael  ordered me to open my mouth, his cock was  inserted and a warm stream of piss filled my cheeks until I had no choice but to swallow it down - the first of several piss episodes that evening - another involved me lying in the bath while piss rained down over my face and body!

Later on, after a break, he tied me down on the bed face up and blindfolded me again, chuckling a bit while I waited- a touch apprehensively, I must admit. And then it came - a stinging sensation followed by a warm flow down my body- and then again and again WTF? I had no idea what it was - Michael concentrated on my nipples and then on my cock and balls- it hurt but in a pleasurable way and it just carried on, stinging, dribbling, flowing. It was of course my first candle waxing and when Michael took my blindfold off, I could see that I looked like a fuckin Jackson Pollock painting as he had used both red and white candles.... It was fuckin great! I believe he took a few pictures, too!

Move fast forward seven months and I suggested we could carry on from where we  had left off- again at his discretion ....

This time, I was greeted at the door with the stern order that I was not to speak at all unless specifically allowed- quite a handicap for me as I am quite a verbal guy. This time I had a hood fitted over me with a hole for my mouth and little else, and again clothes torn off and frogmarched upstairs where there was another guy previously not seen - who turned out later to be Mason ( see this site - duo partners ). Mason warmed me up by fondling my cock through my underpants - still left on- whilst I did the same to him without knowing who he was at all. Then with my hands tied above my head, I was lowered to a play-sheet on the floor where a whole bunch of things happened- spitting, whipping, tit clamps and pulling on the clamps, pinwheel, and pegs on my cock and balls. At least twice, Michael inserted his cock through the hole in the hood and into my mouth which he filled with piss!

After half time, my hood was taken off and I could meet Mason properly- he is a gorgeous guy with a 9 inch, thick cock. We three then fell on to a bed and had a good hour of fuckin and sucking whilst one of Michael's obscenity trial  pornos played in the background! The culmination was one of Michael's trademark cummings- as I have remarked before there is nothing low key about Michael cumming- he doesn’t do quick, he doesn’t do quiet- with me thrusting a dildo up his ass and with Mason attacking his nipples, he roared and sploshed half his jizz on my face, the other half on his body.. which we licked up hungrily..

Submitted by Andrew 16th Sep 2012
Thursday, 20 September 2012



SUBMITTED BY ANDREW 16TH September 2012 

 I hadn't seen Michael for ages and forgot what I was missing! We spent a few hours together on Saturday; from the off, that hard lean body in tight lycra got me going straight away, and he then proceeded to get me hard, which wasn't difficult, and then sat on me, turning in the most amazing positions, a real first for me as a traditional bottom.

He did all the work, rotating whilst I was still deep within him. Somehow, he's getting my hole ready at the same time as not satisfied with that, it was my turn. He entered me doggy style but what came afterwards was amazing; double 360 fucking - he's so flexible and agile. He then came for me, assisted by lots of nipple play and a giant dildo up his arse!

What an experience - something different every time I see him! A great kisser too! He took me places I've never been and I want more!


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