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Sleazy Michael

Winner! Male Escort Of The Year 2007 Erotic Awards

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Diary & Client Reviews
Submitted by Steven 29th January 2015
Thursday, 29 January 2015

Review No 67: Submitted by Steven 29th January 2015


'The rail journey was great, although I had left it a bit tight. The short walk from the station was easy. I arrived at the door, hesitated in my nervousness then knocked. Nothing. Knocked again, starting to feel cheated. I was about to turn away and saw Michael rushing towards me. It looked like he had an all over tattoo with a jacket on top.

Full of apologies he let me in, it wasn't even 10 minutes late. Michael had got delayed doing some gay community support work. He apologized saying he had never been late before. He led me upstairs to his playroom and he got me to relax on the bed. He was back in moments with chilled wine.

Through his very tight fitting body suit I could see he was beginning to get aroused. It looked huge. I drank some wine, and then he gave me a long deep kiss. If his kissing was anything to go by the rest was going to be great. It didn't take long to be get naked.

Michael was polite, charming and very alert to my needs. I have a slight disability and he made no fuss of this or of my stocky body. I have difficulty getting hard, but not at this point. I was rock hard and before I knew it lube and condom were on me and I was being guided into a fabulous arse. He made me feel really good, and could twist his lithe body into amazing positions. Fantastic. We rested and chatted.

The photographs on the wall and the porn on the huge screen were so good. Then we started again, Michael's uncut cock is thick, long and very hard. It was so sensual to suck. Again seemingly without effort his cock was sheathed and lubed. I was turned over and shamelessly but oh so slowly entered. I have never felt such a wonderful experience. Then through stunning acrobatics I was truly screwed, every degree of 360! We rested again, and then I was in the sling and being used again.


Totally awesome, Michael is a true expert. Yet oozes confidence and respect. I awarded him my Sling-Master of the Year Award! After some more wine I did something I had not expected to do, and had not done for years. With all the proper precautions I fisted Michael.
I have small hands and penetrated him fully. He was beside himself with pleasure. With the aid of some excellent aromas, he finally shot a magnificent load. Wow. Superb. Such tact, confidence and willingness to give pleasure. We ran over time but that was not a problem. After chilling for a bit it back to the real world. Sleazymichael is not to be missed.'

Submitted by Adam 15th January 2015
Thursday, 15 January 2015

Review No 66: Submitted by Adam 15th January 2015


Michael was my first male escort and what a great choice I made!


I'm a married guy and although I've had lots of gay fantasies about being dominated by a gay top, I've never really done anything. I've seen a couple of mistresses for some strap-on play and I've even seen a T-girl domme but I've never had a proper experience with a man. I'd even plucked up courage to go to a sauna a couple of times but I left fairly quickly having done nothing more than a bit of groping as I was so paranoid about being recognised/STDs - any other married guys here will know what I mean.


So, how did I come across Michael? I was looking at sauna reviews online and one magazine had escort adverts. I clicked on a few and my mind started wandering. I found one guy I thought looked great and thought I'd search to see if there were reviews on him. I always find the basic list sites give so little about a guy that it makes me even more unsure about contacting them. I then came across Michael as he puts his reviews on his website. I found his website very reassuring. There was so much on there. He was so open about him being an escort. The whole what you see is what you get feeling. The photos made him look sort of real.


So I plucked up the courage and called him to make a booking.


Michael was great, right from the first call. He was friendly, made me feel comfortable and at ease. We arranged a time, he told me the location, directions etc.


For in-calls he is based in a house about 15 mins out of central London. It was easy to get to. I cycled there and found it no problem. I was taken to his play room with huge TV, lots of erotic pictures on the walls. I like this as it started to get me in the mood.


Michael is exactly as per his photos. He's fit, muscular, clearly looks after himself well.


We chatted at the start, kissed, had a cup of tea and chatted before kissing and getting heavier with each other. Michael was a perfect top and read the situation with me very well. I loved the way we gradually undressed each other whilst kissing and fondling each other.


I'll put more detail below but we went through all sorts of phases as we made love for the 2 hours. It was a mix of slower sensual parts, but with some frantic, harder, passionate parts. We stopped for a tea/wine later in the session and then carried on until we both came. Overall it was exactly what I needed. A gay top to push my limits but in a friendly, passionate way. It felt like there was a good chemistry there and I can definitely recommend Michael.


To give you an idea of some of the things we got up to... we started off kissing and feeling each other. We gradually undressed each other and he sucked me, I sucked him. I loved holding both our cocks together. He rimmed me (my first time!), he got me to fuck him (another first!), more sucking and then he started to fuck me. He read me well and was the right amount of careful easing into my very unused arse but becoming more passionate and harder. I got the helicopter (his signature move I believe). Then some more kissing and sucking before moving to the sling. The sling was a great experience (yet another first for me) and I can't describe how good it all felt. After the sling we stopped for a quick break before continuing and both coming.



Quick summary would be an unhurried, 2 hours of passionate sex. He read me and my wants very well and delivered on all counts. Would I go back? Definitely!

Submitted by Spitroast 11th January 2015
Sunday, 11 January 2015

Review No 65: Submitted by Spitroast 11th January 2015


'I first contacted Sleazymichael a couple of months before my intended visit, which I was very pleased to say he kept in his diary. After lots of searching Michael was the type of guy I was after. I wanted a guy much older than me /daddy type to really show me a good time. I was thrilled to see on his own website, under the suggested Duo partners, Othello. Othello is another escort who is a very hung black guy (which also turns me on a lot), my initial enquiry was full of when I wanted to book and also my fantasies, I was pleased in Michael's reply he would be willing to do everything I wanted and that he told me many times there had been a planned session involving Othello but it was always cancelled.


Due to unexpected financial worries in December I also had to no longer consider a Duo to keep costs down but happily was going to spend 2 hours with Michael at a good rate. Michael was brilliant at communication, always providing more than enough info in his emails and was respectful in not contacting me by phone when I asked, due to wishing to be discrete. Nearer the time he had mentioned there would be a surprise.


As I arrived at his place I could see what the surprise was - Othello! Michael and very kindly paid from his own money the cost of Othello joining in!


When entering his room I was very turned on but the amount of naked men and porn he has in his room, as well as a sling and many porn DVDs of which many hot ones were played throughout the session. Michael provided refreshments and was very accommodating; it was all very relaxing which was good as I was nervous.


I began by kissing Othello’s body and sucking his huge black cock, often sucking it with Michael who proved to be an excellent deep throater! To get himself ready, Michael soon sat on my cock for a fucking to prepare his hole as I was sucking off Othello while laying on my back. Eventually Othello fucked me which felt amazing though a little too much, but would love to have tried again. The rest of the session involved a lot of fucking and sucking, culminating with Michael being fucked hard by Othello's huge dick while I was underneath with a great view, licking and rimming them both.



I was so impressed of Michael's generosity of booking Othello. I would like to have stayed longer with him but had to leave due to my own reasons.'




Submitted by Bottombibear 28th December 2014
Monday, 05 January 2015

Review No 64: Submitted by Bottombibear 28th December 2014


First met Michael a few years back when he was based in Brixton and he has been a staple of my sex life ever since. Aside from being a thoroughly down to earth, genuine, friendly guy he is always professional, respectful and considerate.


When I say professional I don't mean he treats a session like a job or a performance. No, he engages with me as a person and seeks to give me what I need in ways I hadn't even thought of (for instance, he once persuaded me to fist him, I enjoyed giving him that pleasure and that he trusted me not to mess up, but in the end I decided it wasn't for me and so he's never raised it again). Most importantly though, I never doubt that he actually wants to fuck me and that he enjoys our sessions. As an ageing, submissive bear who sometimes likes to crossdress, that combination of qualities is rare and a refreshing contrast to some of the narcissism, attitude and plain disrespect I've experienced from (some!) other escorts.


Paying for sex is still not socially acceptable (despite the high proportion of us that do so) and all too often post coital regrets can sour even the best sex. Michael's down to earth approach, enthusiasm and respect makes the whole experience something more than the sordid commercial transaction it could so easily be. The bottom line is that not only is the sex great, but I actually feel good about myself afterwards - and that alone is no mean achievement!


I heartily recommend Michael to everyone from a tired old bear like me to totally inexperienced guys - I am confident that Michael's professionalism means that not only will he give you the best introduction to the man on man sex you fantasize about, but he will also respect your limits, safety and confidentiality at all times.




Submitted by Victor 20thJuly 2014
Sunday, 20 July 2014

Review No 63: Submitted by Victor 20th July 2014

I met Michael last night and spent an incredibly sexually intense session that transported me to places I've truly never experienced before.

His fucking skills are second to none. He used me as if his cock was a screw driver and my hole was a screw that needed screwing in.....he rotated completely as I was on my knees my ass in the air, hole gaping open and dripping from when he fucked my brains out earlier in the session.

I am 50 y old, have been fortunate to have a lot of sex and have truly and sincerely never been fucked and screwed like I was by Michael last night. I'm still feeling the effects as I sit to write this.

Michael is also an amazing and passionate kisser. He asked me what distinguishes him as an escort and I replied that he wasn't an escort...this guy is in a complete other category.

The session with Michael felt the closest I ever got to feeling like a pig bitch in a xxx rated porn! I am now addicted to that cock and my ass will undoubtedly be begging for it from now on.

I'm afraid Michael has ruined any possibility of fully enjoying being topped by anyone else than him!! A Top King!

Victor from London

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