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Sleazy Michael

Winner! Male Escort Of The Year 2007 Erotic Awards

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Diary & Client Reviews
Submitted by Martin 8th November 2015
Sunday, 08 November 2015


Review No 76: Submitted by Martin 8th November 2015

Michael is an exceptional escort in so many ways. He never 'goes through the motions' but always goes the extra mile and actually cares about his clients. This was clearly evident when I had my heart attack. I informed him that I could not make a planned session because I was in hospital recovering from said heart attack. He reacted with kindness and genuine concern and even volunteered to visit me in hospital which he did.

The session just two weeks after my heart attack, was one where Michael was more concerned for my well being than anything else. We had a wonderful time doing all the things we always did but at a slower pace.

It is behaviour like this that causes me to return again and again.


Submitted by Richard 19th October 2015
Monday, 19 October 2015


Review No 75: Submitted by Richard 19th October 2015


As a single older male a guaranteed good horny fuck is sometime difficult to find. I came across Sleazymichael’s ad in a gay magazine, found his fairly explicit website and went to see him. I had two hours of sheer sexual and sensual bliss. Not only is he a really nice man and a great kisser but he has lovely slim shaved body, a wonderful cock, which he really knows how to use, and a beautiful soft arsehole into which I buried my face.

It’s unusual for an escort to invite you to fuck him, which is one of the first things I did, but much of the time he was buried in me up to the hilt, all 7 and more inches at various angles and in various positions; really nice and deep.

The two hours were just what was needed for my complete bodily and mental satisfaction and he paid my body complete attention, even exploring the erogenous zones on my feet. We ended up, me on the sling with his cock deep inside me while. I had a fantastic orgasm. We then went to the bed to relax where I helped him to a great orgasm too which was spectacular to watch. I thoroughly recommend him for complete satisfaction.


Submitted by Martin 25th September 2015
Friday, 25 September 2015

Review No 74: Submitted by Martin 25th September 2015


Having regularly seen Michael for overnight sessions for some three months, we had built up not just a professional relationship but also a close friendship. This resulted in regular communication by txt between each session. One Friday I received a humourous txt informing me that Michael was spending the weekend in Manchester. He jokingly suggested I might like a trip up for a dirty weekend. As I had nothing else on and could not think of anything better, I replied saying I would get on the next Virgin train from Euston.

Michael had booked a wonderful room in a four star hotel, not far from Manchester Piccadilly station, and we had a wonderful night of fisting.

Because Michael is not just very professional but also kind and considerate , he can cause people like me to be impetuous. What resulted was an un-planned, but highly enjoyable night of passion.

I suddenly am looking forward to the next trip out of London with Michael!


Submitted by Tim 6th September 2015
Sunday, 06 September 2015

Review No 73: Submitted by Tim 6th September 2015 ( my 57th Birthday! )


I’ve engaged many escorts, in the UK and abroad, and know my way around. I know what an escort expects of a client, how to be upfront and fair, and how to read between the lines, to avoid disappointment or false expectations. I’ve met some great guys, had good times, and a few disappointments. And I think I’ve learned in the process, how to do it right.

It was 4 years since I’d done a duo with Sleazy Michael – in a gay sauna last time, which was a great experience – so, visiting London again, I asked him to fix up a duo session at his flat, which was easily reached by train. There are many things that make Michael such a successful escort. He’s 100% honest and upfront. His website is clear and spells out the amazing range of services he offers. On the phone, he’s business-like but friendly; he has sensitivity and imagination. His room is a gay fantasy – amazing photos, toys, poppers, DVDs, sling… you name it. You could spend a happy week in there.

That’s before you cut to the chase, and sample his sexual skills, which are equally imaginative, versatile and responsive.

On arrival, I was greeted cordially with shower facilities, offers of refreshments, pleasant chat to relax the situation, and we got down to some creative and satisfying action before the arrival of the duo partner Michael had lined up.

This was Mark Alexander, a handsome young lad with a LOT of talent where it counts, and a very sweet disposition, who knew exactly how to apply his gifts to maximum effect. Mark didn’t fit the profile of the ideal duo partner I’d suggested to Michael, but I knew I could trust Michael 100%, and so it proved. Trust him, he knows what he’s doing, and how to deliver.

( )

Our threesome was fantastic. With threesomes (socially and with paid escorts) there’s always the risk that two people want to get busy, while a third is left out in the cold. Not when Sleazy Michael is managing things. We all got fully into it, and I felt truly treated by these two contrasting and gorgeous guys, who gave me so much attention and expertise where it mattered.

Michael’s rates are very reasonable – a lot cheaper than escorts who offer a great deal less for the money. He is very good at what he does, is experienced, customer-friendly, sensitive and imaginative, responding well to his client. His website and communication skills are great. He’s great in the sack. He has a list of gorgeous colleagues he can drum up if you want more than 1-2-1.

I’ll be seeing Michael again, I’m sure; and I recommend him as someone who knows exactly what he’s doing, looks after his client and gives real satisfaction.

Submitted by Gerard Rennes 12th August 2015
Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Review No 72: Submitted by Gerard Rennes 12th August 2015


De passage à Londres j’ai décidé de goûter à l’hospitalité Anglaise.


Après quelques recherches sur des sites d’escort , j’ai décidé de contacté Michael car la variété de ces photos m’ont  convaincu de ces capacités et de son professionnalisme  et l’honnêtes de son profil.


Contact par mail simple et rapide puis par téléphone ou nous avons convenu d’un rendez- vous une semaine plus tard.


J’ai également le mode d’emploi pour le rejoindre et bonne surprise il est à 11 minutes de train du centre de Londres puis rajouter deux minutes à pied de la gare.


Très nerveux et intimidé par ce rendez–vous  Michael  a su par son accueil me mettre en confiance.


Tenue très sexy,  chambre avec des photos de mec à poil revue porno, musique et DVD porno.


Après un café nous sommes passés aux choses sérieuses nous sommes embrassés et chacun a pris connaissance du corps de l’autre. J’ai eu surtout l’envie de sucer sa queue et ces couilles de les léchés  ainsi que son petit cul.


Michael avec sa grosse queue ma baisé dans toutes les positions j’ai jamais eu auparavant un mec aussi endurant.


Après une petite pause rafraichissement j’ai  testé le sling et Michael ma baisé dans tous les axes  possibles.


J’étais venu pour une heure je suis resté deux heures de baises intense un très grand moment que je recommande à tout le monde.




The Client also provided a translation!

While in London I decided to sample the English hospitality.


After some research on the sites of escort, I decided to contact Michael because the variety of these pictures have convinced me of those capabilities and professionalism and honest to his profile.


Mail contact and quick and easy by phone and we agreed to an appointment a week later.


I also have the manual for the good surprise join and it is 11 minutes by train from central London and then add two minutes walk from the station.


Very nervous and intimidated by this appointment Michael knew by his home put me at ease.


Held sexy, bedroom with pictures of furry guy porn magazine, music and DVD porn.


After dinner we went down to business we kissed and everyone is aware of the other's body. I was especially want to suck his cock and the balls and licked his ass.


Michael with his big cock my fucked in every position I have never before had such a tough guy.


After a short refreshment break I tested the sling and Michael my fucked in all possible axes.


I had come for an hour I stayed two hours of intense fuck a great moment that I recommend to everyone.



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