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Sleazy Michael

Winner! Male Escort Of The Year 2007 Erotic Awards

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Diary & Client Reviews
Submitted by James 11th February 2016
Thursday, 11 February 2016



Review No 81: Submitted by James 11th February 2016


Thank you for a mind blowing session you certainly do all that said on the tin which is rare. in fact the only thing I regret about our session is not allowing you to piss down my throat and to cum in my mouth, as at my age you tend to get a bit paranoid about your health, but after our chats I find you a very genuine guy, which builds more trust, so I hope we can take our next session to the next level and you can take full control of the session, thus being if master wants to take a piss in his slaves mouth or cum in his mouth it won't be up for debate, and will be accepted with the gratitude a sub should bestow on his master.

I wanted to say how great you are at sexual domination, and you realized what only a true master would know that being the power of mandick and the power it holds over us fag slaves and will be honoured to call you my master and I can't wait to come and submit to your sexual expertise again.



Submitted by Karl 2nd February 2016
Tuesday, 02 February 2016



Review No 80: Submitted by Karl 2nd February 2016


Brilliant experience. We met first for a drink, I was totally put at ease. Followed up by an outdoor suck and fuck session on Hampstead Heath. I was fucked senseless, great experience.


I thoroughly recommend Michael, great fuck, great cock, great guy. Totally reliable, and very good company too. Would I meet Michael again, for certain and I intend to as soon as I can.



Submitted by Martin 28th January 2016
Thursday, 28 January 2016

Review No 79: Submitted by Martin 28th January 2016


As Michael's most regular client who regularly has sessions of over 12 hours, Michael and I have over the months come to a mutual understanding which ensures that I have certain privileges amongst these are a personalized tariff, storage for my gear at his place and priority over all other bookings - the last privilege can come in handy when I want a session at short notice.

As someone who does not like his sex to be rushed or overly planned, because of our long standing regular relationship, I have two advantages, time and time. By this I mean I always have plenty of time during any session and I have a long term outlook when developing new sexual adventures. This is all down to the fact that Michael provides an exceptional service for all, but for me, as his most regular client, I benefit from all these extras.

When stocking up on supplies ( ie lube etc ) and toys etc, Michael has always spent considerable amounts of his personal time researching online, thus ensuring the best deal.




Submitted by Jo 16th December 2015
Wednesday, 16 December 2015


Review No 78: Submitted by Jo 16th December 2015


Sleazymichael took me to places I long thought I should never encounter again with such dextrous ease. He is lithe and as a snake shed many skins as he peeled off his clothes and stripped me naked with such ease and grace. He is genial and easy to talk with, has a wonderful collection of dildos and toys, and a ready sling which this time I didn't get to explore but look forward to laying in it as once more he deftly opens my arse and pleasures it. Sleazymichael is a whiz at giving pleasure, one not to miss.


About the reviewer : I am now turned 66, have been HIV+ for over 30 years. I am undetectable and love my arse being explored. I spent time in NYC in '74 and explored the Bathhouse scene which I love and miss, the likes of the Everard on W.21st Street, but that got burnt to the ground. I spent time in San Francisco in their bathhouses, which is where I met my Virus. I got to Porchester Spa here in London which is great for schmeising and massage. There is nothing like massaging the male body and seeing cock.    




Submitted by Declan 7th December 2015
Monday, 07 December 2015


Review No 77: Submitted by Declan 7th December 2015


A great deal of what happened between us in the couple of hours that I spent with Sleazymichael recently is strictly private and not for sharing with others!  But there are a few of my memories and thoughts about him that I am happy to share, which may be of interest to guys who are considering availing of his services.

He is very friendly and welcoming.  I was a little nervous on arrival, having had very few similar experiences before, but he rapidly put me at my ease.  Very soon we were side-by-side on his comfortable bed, each with a glass of his very pleasant white wine, an excellent video of four young lads getting down to some inter-racial fucking playing on a large screen beside the bed, to give a bit of spice as we set about getting to know and exploring each other.

He is quite open about his age ( 57 ), but it’s actually hard to believe that he is not a lot younger, he has such a fit, lithe, tanned body.  There’s so much to enjoy about his body, but of course the crowning glory is his cock.  It’s not particularly long, but superbly thick and solid and firm, the feel of that shaft of meaty male muscle is a memory I will go on enjoying.  If you fancy a firm fat cock in your hand, or your mouth, or inside your arsehole, or anywhere else you might enjoy it, then Sleazymichael is the man for you! 

But there’s more to him than just a meaty cock.  I enjoyed his tongue in touch with mine, and his nipples, and he has a nice hole too.  From what he told me it can be stretched very wide, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at it.  It looks like a nice tight pucker – and it feels delightfully silky inside!

Towards the end of my time with him, he asked if I would like him to shoot his load, which hadn’t happened yet.  Of course I said yes, and he encouraged me to help him towards his climax.  After he came, very impressively, I gently stroked his cockhead and saw the effect that had on him, you know, that bodily reaction like to a mild electric shock.  I love that feeling in myself and enjoyed causing it in another man.

He was thoughtful to the end, making sure that I left at just the right time to catch a train, on a cold dark evening.  Sleazymichael provides an excellent friendly sexy service, for a very reasonable price.  If you’re looking for a good time, go for it, guys!



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