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Sleazy Michael

Winner! Male Escort Of The Year 2007 Erotic Awards

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- AVAILABLE 24/7: 0790 356 7922

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UPDATE 3rd May 2017

Check Out the two latest reviews 8 has always been my fave number 88 Reviews so far!

‘There is only ONE Thunderblue600 on Ebay.’
I’ve had years of enjoyment from my huge collection accumulated of the years of Male Erotic: Original Art, Photographs, Prints, Magazines, Books, Bodywear & plenty more. It is time to rationalize and for others to enjoy. The bulk of these listings are a very personal reflection of what appeals to me, and the majority are rare unique ONE off Items - there will be plenty more.
To find what I have listed it is very easy:
1) Hit 'Search - Advanced' ( Just to the right of the blue background 'Search' )
2) On the left - 'Find Items' - 'By Seller'
3) 'Enter Seller's ID - Thunderblue600
Finally if you want to keep updated with my future listings you can:
A) Via Items for sale from thunderblue600 'Add to my favourite sellers'
B) View one of my current items, then top right prompt: 'follow this seller.'
Top Right, my Seller ID then prompt - 'See other items'

Full Menu Offered - Ankle Broken In Two Places - It's No Big Deal!
Now fully recovered! On 23rd December just two days into my planned 3 weeks in Brazil, I managed to break my ankle in two places, so after just FIVE days I returned to the UK with crutches & finally had surgery on 2nd Jan.
Can Michael Deliver? ABSOLUTELY! I can offer with complete confidence a full menu without discomfort.

Go to 'Escort Duo Partners' For a Great Selection.
Here are just a few examples of mere WANK fantasy - I talk the talk AND walk the walk - DO YOU?

'Hi, I will be 60 this Saturday and looking to treat myself to a hot threesome with a guy similar to my age and a hot young boy. Looks like you and Tegwyn fit the bill perfectly would you both like to meet me for a threesome.'
‘Amazing pics, do the black cocks taste as good as they look, love to try.’
'I liked your partners, the darker the better, they are all so different.'
'Fantastic photos..they are so HOT..also both of you have great COCKS..wish I was in London to meet up with you both.'
'Would you be able to offer a duo with your partner so I could start out watching and then join in etc?'
‘Am new to this and have found out I like to suck cock, have had mine sucked and fucked another but am still a virgin, as name says would like two cocks one at each end.'


I Could Retire Now if just FIVE percent of all the expressed fantasies actually became reality.
This is just a tiny fraction of the vast archive accumulated.
'Hi can you be Dom and a top want to be gagged and fucked without mercy ( not experienced bottom and know it will heart) but it's such a fantasy.'
'I'm really looking for more experience and being taught more things.'
'Wish I could have sex with you love you to bits.'
'OMG your photos as so fucking hot and sexy. I adore them.’
‘Make me explode just looking at them. Can't wait for you and Othello to fill my man cunt with your hot spunk.’
‘Your cock is so beautiful but I also want to experience a large black cock in me.'
 'I'm not too experienced and want to try more. I like your photos and would love to meet up. I love kissing, touching and rimming. Then sucking cock and balls. I've been fucked a couple of times and enjoyed it.'
'I wanna to suck a big cock I'm really good I swallow and suck after u cum in my mouth.'

Original Formula Old School Poppers - Available
If you are of my generation then I am sure the memories will flood back - well if you want to have the Real Deal original - Look No Further.
Check out 'my services' for more details - discounts offered.

Thunderblue600 Has Returned - To Ebay With Over 3000 Positive Ratings!
After nearly 2.5 years Ebay opened the door again and lifted all my selling restrictions - well I had been rather a naughty boy, modelling underwear and passing it off as 'new'
So this time I am doing everything by the book - when I returned in early November I got the benefits of ' Concierge' status, which very few private sellers experience, it is like being in a VIP Lounge!
Why am I sharing this with you? If you check me 'OUT' on Ebay you will soon realize!
What am I selling? – See News Update Above
GREAT SAVINGS: Anything from around 70 to over 90% Start Price Savings Offered! I always search for identical or similar genre/condition items already listed here and apply a discount. With items listed quite often from just 1p what are you waiting for?
NOTHING PREDICTABLE LISTED HERE: Apart from terrific value and variety.
ACCURACY & CONDITION: I take meticulous care to share information about the listing that is a true reflection of reality. If I can gain your trust this will hopefully give you the confidence to become a Loyal Return Customer.
WHAT I UNABLE TO OFFER: 'used' underwear via Ebay & 'gay interest' adult genre - but I can HERE, check out 'My Services' for more on this.

'Chris departed with a very big smile on his face after wiping off a full load of my cum.'
On 20th January I had a 28yo client - Chris had soon found my website all thanks to google - I always ask 'where did you find my details?' This feedback is invaluable as it helps me to focus on what gives me a return - and this website always gets top billing - I am so grateful to Emilis who designed this site way back in October 2007 - you can have a great website but if nobody finds it what's the point? Finding the site is crucial and Emilis did a brilliant job on this.
Anyway back to Chris during the session he shared with me: 'It was the information shared on your website that convinced me with confidence to go ahead.' He left with a very big smile on his face after wiping off a full load of my cum.'

For plenty of images hot images of me solo and in action also my fave wank off photo - hit 'galleries' if you get this: says: Multithumb found errors on this page: There was a problem loading image /www/sites/10e/9ec/....personal_profile_gallery/IMG_0630_pe
PLEASE IGNORE - It is NOT a virus - STI & HIV Negative like me!

You can now check 'OUT' what follows for what I get up to in PUBLIC - so can you begin to imagine what I can get up ( 7.5 inches thick juicy pre-cum uncut ) to in private?
Money Saving Sleepover option now added - why book an expensive hotel when for just £100 you can have full room service and me sharing the bed - naked!
Also via 'My Services' you can get access to: My 3 Part Interview - My Six Hot Home Movies - My Tumblr Escort Blog - Access To Over 4000 Images of Me - Sleazymichael Getting Naked on You Tube!

Always appreciated, shared here are just a few examples.
'It is not common to see someone who is as unashamedly and intensely sexual as you. It is arousing to read and view your material.'
'You have a great slim sexy body and a great cock not forgetting your good for fisting arse! Certainly looked after yourself and no doubt your genes have played their part too. I just love slim guys like your good self. You clearly a very confident man who adores his body (like I do).'
'Thanks for the photos. They are so erotic and a real turn on.'
'You sound like a real fun guy who enjoys life and its sexual pleasures.'
'Thanks for your message Michael, a real ray of sunshine on a wet day, keep at it.'
'Fuck Michael You are one hot guy. Wish you were in Australia. I certainly would be visiting you.'‘Your ad wow, I’m 21 and was looking for women but I thought I’d have a peek at men and seen your ad and wow! Was amazed looking through them pics, Dayum!!’ Ant